V. Lindsay Seventh-day Adventist School

Clean Up Campaign!

Clean Up Campaign!
Please join us  with your spades, buckets, brooms, and  blowers as we prepare our outdoor surroundings for the reopening of school. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

V. Lindsay Clean-up Schedule
Outside of the Building
Dates                                    Time                                           Person in Charge
August 4, 2013                  10:00am-5:00pm                              Stephen Williams
August 11, 2013                8:00am-12:00pm                              Stephen Williams
  1. Beautification
  • Prepare flower beds for planting  and plant flowers/shrubs/perennials
  • Pull weeds from current flower bed near entrance of the school
  • All leaves on the lower level of steps leading down to basement need to be cleared; leaves under the steps leading to Pre-K playground need to be cleared
  • Bags of mulch need to be used or stored somewhere else-out of plain sight
  1. Pre-K-K Playground
  • All rocks near playground placed in the gated enclosure of playground
  • Additional rocks need to be purchased to be placed in the playground enclosure(safety issue)
  • Equipment inspected for items that need repair
  • Gate door to entrance of playground  enclosure needs to be repaired so that the gate door closes properly
Inside of the Building

Dates                                    Time                                                                      Person in Charge
August 4, 2013                   10:00am-5:00pm                                             School Board Member (SBM)
August 5-7, 2013               3:00pm-7:00pm                                               Freddie Pickens
August 8, 2013                  3:00pm-7:00pm                                               Freddie Pickens
August 11, 2013                8:00am-12:00pm                                              Judith Mason
  1. Kitchen
  • Refrigerator cleaned (all food items thrown away)
  • Windows washed
  • Tables and chairs cleaned and sanitized
  • Floor mopped and waxed
  • Cabinets and under the sink organized
  • Window treatments dusted or washed and re-hung
  1. Library
  • Furniture cleaned and sanitized/railing cleaned and sanitized
  • Windows washed
  • Carpet vacuumed and shampooed
  • Books organized on shelves
  • Book shelves dusted and polished
  1. Classrooms
  • Furniture cleaned and sanitized
  • Windows washed and window seal cleaned
  • Floors mopped, stripped and waxed/if carpeted, vacuumed and shampooed
  • Whiteboards cleaned
  • Book shelves cleaned and sanitized
  1. Hallways
  • Floors mopped, stripped and waxed
  • Walls wiped down and sanitized
  • Student lockers cleaned and sanitized
  • Locker door repaired if needed
  • Front entrance door glass cleaned
  • Bulletin board dusted and cleaned
  1. Principal’s Office and Main Office
  • Ceiling tile replaced
  • Windows washed
  • Furniture dusted
  • Carpet vacuumed